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The cellar is the place where the wine arise and grow, maturing in durmast barrels
until the moment to leave its homeland to become known and noticed.
Our wine should testify to any of those it will encounter its origin,
the passion and the effort we put in it.

Antonio and Stefano Mazzi

ingresso 1950


On 23th August 1933, confirming our long vinicultural tradition, Gaetano Dall'Ora our grandmother's brother along with 6 business partners founded the Cantina Sociale of Valpolicella in Negrar.
During the 1936's Springtime, Gaetano (chairman of the Cantina Sociale) and Adelino Lucchese (the cellar Manager) were stappling some Recioto wine from a long-lasting un-poured barrel. The wine was nearly dry, but sweet, as expected. Astonished by the discover:"Ma questo l'è un gran Recioto Amaro... un Amaron!" (trad. "This is a great Bitter Recioto!") 
Several years later the Cantina Sociale of Valpolicella began to label the first bottles as Recioto della Valpolicella Amarone.